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The great masters

Trading is much like the practice of martial arts. To succeed, you need discipline, perseverance and a lot of practice. You’ll be lucky if you could find a good mentor (the master). The analogy becomes even more striking when I think to the concept of the great masters. In the world of trading, we think of legends like Charles Dow, W. D. Gann, Ralph Nelson Elliot, and among those who still alive, John Bollinger, Ed Seykota, Larry Williams, Joe DiNapoli and others.

When you read a book of these great masters, because you do not have the chance to meet them and even less have them as a mentor, you feel their great wisdom, talent and you are touched by great humility. I recently started reading the book by Joe DiNapoli  and then I found a series of interviews with him on youtube. This guy symbolizes the great masters of modern times.

That’s why I decided to add a page of quotations. Whenever I read a book and find a quotation that inspires me, I’ll write it in this page.


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