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Back-testing service

Trading in its mechanical form is to apply specific rules for the purchase or sale of a currency pair. These rules, found somewhere (book, internet, …) or invented by us, need to be back-tested to know how they worked in the past. This back-testing can be done manually by observing the history, which is a terible task and the results are hard to quantify accurately. It can also be done using one backtesting and trading platform like Metatrader 5. And that is exactly the service we offer.


Why back-test a strategy?

• Because it’s the only way to know if the strategy worked in the past.

• Because it allows us to optimize the parameters and results

• Because it allows us to have a performance report of the strategy that gives us the drawdown and the series of losing trades that can be expected. When we know what to expect, we are less anxious and better equipped to cope.


The service consists of:

• Write the robot (Expert Advisor) to backtest according to the rules of the customer

• Make the backtest on currency pairs and time frames required by using the default settings (provided by customer)

• Report of optimization according to the criteria of the customer. The customer who has no experience in the optimization can benefit from our expertise.

Our service is strictly confidential and we observe ethical rules that make your strategy is in good hands.



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